Hey everyone,

I love meeting new people who likes reading a lot of books.. I made this blog for fun because i am a book lover who loves reading books and likes to write about the books i read

I thought to make a new book blog to do my reviews on my fav books and to see what other people thought of the books.. i had a old blog but i wanted to change the way my blog looked so i made a new one,  so all the reviews i wrote on my old blog are now on my new blog. There are new reviews coming soon to by blog..   I like to meet new people that love to read.. I am a big book and movie fan and this blog is for fun and nothing more.. ( i DON’T GET PAID TO DO REVIEWS ON BOOKS, SO MY REVIEWS ARE HONSET AND REAL AND I LOVE READING BOOKS)

My hobbies:  Reading, Buying amazing books, Buying Bookish Items, Listening to music, Watching movies,  I read mainly Ya books,  fantasy books and New adult books but i also love Mystery, Romance and happy books..  I love reading a lot..

To any Authors or Publishers  who is interested in sending me ARC’s, thank you for considering me for reviewing your new book and I would love to read ARC’S FOR FREE AND I WILL MAKE SURE MY REVIEWS ARE HONSET.. Reading books is amazing and i love talking about my fav books or doing reviews..  ( comment on my blog or send me a message on any of my social media pages if you want to send me a free ARC for review)

So i hope to here from any book fans on what they thought of the books and if any bookish fans wants to talk or tell me any of there fav books then that’s fine too

Kat X